Air Ambulance


Mudita’s air ambulance is the fastest way to get a patient home. Our medevac team of pilots work in shifts to keep our planes in the air and hence to get patients home as quickly and safely as possible. More-so, Whenever you need to charter a medevac in Nigeria Today; think about Mudita air ambulance helicopter.


Our dedicated air ambulance helicopter provides the most noteworthy medevac specialists team, equipment, including ventilation, for patients who require advanced life support on a journey with the medevac specialists team within and outside of Nigeria. As a result medical airline escort are fully outfitted with the best and latest Helicopter Emergency Medical Service in Nigeria.


A medical hawker jet, our medical air ambulance helicopter allows us to access areas where landing space is limited. A fixed wing aircraft (whether turbo-prop or jet engine) is better suited for intercontinental or long flights. We choose the right aircraft for the journey.


A dedicated aircraft gives a full team of medical personnel room to take care of the patient.

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